Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Elinchrom Quadra Umbrella Modification

I know a lot of people want to fit other makes of brolly to their Quadra head (but they don't fit in the 7mm holder).
By removing the lower half of the stand adapter you can mount the head on a Manfrotto litetite.
The knurled ring is acting a a nut on top of the spigot, you could use a real nut, I didn't have one to hand.
The new brolly holder is not quite as central as the original but, it is tilted, so the head should still illuminate the brolly evenly.
Obviously the usual caveats apply, it's not my fault if you break something, electrocute yourself, void your warranty or start a global thermonuclear war.

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Anonymous said...

great thinking thanks!