Thursday, February 19, 2009

Easy File Sharing Finally Comes to MobileMe

A long time ago, in a keynote speech far, far, away, a feature was shown.
That feature was part of the newly relaunched .Mac service, hitherto known as MobileMe.
A file, sitting on a server (that we now know as 'the cloud') was selected, a button was pressed and an e-mail was sent. That e-mail, it was promised, would let it's recipient download the file, regardless of their OS, technical expertise and even gender.
Limits could even be set on the amount of time the file would be available. For extra security, a password could be set.

This feature never made it to MobileMe. It languished for a while but eventually every trace was removed from It was as if the demonstration had never been given.

But somewhere the feature festered. Hidden in the drawer of a developer, in a minimalist cubicle in Cupertino. It waited, growing stronger by the day, feeding on the energy emmited by a thousand angry Apple discussion forum posts.
Until, one day....
Apple let loose this spawn of usefullness and productivity and e-mailed all it's MobileMe subscribers to announce the birth of an amazing new feature.

So if you have a MobileMe account, go to , select a file, click 'share', choose a friend and hey presto! No more need for yousendit or any of those other weird services.


James Madelin said...

I use Dropbox, not sure if you've seen it, but it's utterly brilliant and everything MobileMe should be !

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